This Dot-Com Guru is Asking Trump to Legalize Psychedelics

Michael "Zappy" Zapolin, who made an ayahuasca documentary with Michelle Rodriguez, is recruiting Lamar Odom to his psychedelic legalization "Mind Army."

While scientific research ploughs ahead proving the medicinal promise of psychedelics, progressive cities around the country—including Denver, Oakland, and maybe even Washington D.C. in the coming election—are decriminalizing psilocybin and other natural entheogens. But dot-com millionaire Michael Zapolin, a.k.a. “Zappy,” wants to see even faster progress on the legislative front: Hence, his ambitious new effort to convince the president to free all psychedelics, nationwide, with a few strokes of a pen. 

Zapolin, who made a fortune in domain names like,, and, before turning his attention to psychedelics and filmmaking, hopes to persuade President Trump—or future President Biden—to use the power of the executive branch to legalize psilocybin, ayahuasca, ibogaine, San Pedro, peyote, MDMA, DMT, and ketamine.

“We’re in a mental health crisis,” Zapolin says. “The only way to disrupt depression and addiction is to show someone there is... continue reading on

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