Filmmaker and Activist Michael “Zappy” Zapolin Calls for Immediate Presidential Executive Order to Legalize Psychedelic Compounds


MIAMI, FL – Award-winning documentary filmmaker and social entrepreneur Michael “Zappy” Zapolin has started the Mind Army social movement in response to the widespread mental health crisis that the pandemic has accelerated.

Zapolin describes the Mind Army’s mission as “Fighting for the right to pursue happiness,” a right so inalienable that it was written into the Declaration of Independence. He and his organization believe that every human being has the right to go inside their own minds for answers and healing. “Nothing else works as effectively or as fast as psychedelic compounds,” Zapolin explained.

“This is a critical moment – we’re in the middle of a suicide, depression, and PTSD epidemic and a global pandemic. We don’t have time to wait before the most healing substances on the planet become available to the masses,” said Zapolin.

“The Mind Army is asking the President of the United States to sign a Presidential Executive Order to make psychedelics legal immediately. In 1966, these substances were made illegal under the guise that they needed to be studied to make sure they were safe. After 53 years of research and testing, we know that these compounds are safe and non-addictive. Millions of people have used them, many with great benefit,” he said.

“People are hurting in this country more than ever. They need to be able to use safe psychedelic compounds to break suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD, and addiction,” said Dr. Mark Braunstein, medical advisor to the Mind Army.

Dustin Robinson, legal counsel and lobbying liaison for the Mind Army, said, “If the fifteen billion dollars per year spent on the War on Drugs was used for research, education, and addiction treatment, we’d have less addiction, less users put in jail, less corruption, less crime, and better mental health options.”

“Whether it’s President Trump, Joe Biden, Kanye West, or someone else that writes the Executive Order, it will win them the Nobel Prize for taking this bold action in a real crisis to interrupt the onslaught of upcoming suicides, and to help their fellow citizens to heal from trauma, depression, and addiction,” said Zapolin.

Zapolin’s upcoming documentary film “Lamar Odom: Reborn” follows the psychedelic intervention he gave to basketball star Lamar Odom over the last two years. Odom used a formula created specifically for him to address his lifelong battles with addiction and anxiety. The film sheds light on the compounds of ketamine and ibogaine to triage mental health issues and create long-term change in lifestyle and mindset. The film is executive produced by celebrity producers Jeff Beacher and Jason Bergh.

Last month, Zapolin met with a Trump advisor about the Mind Army movement and gave a private screening of the “Lamar Odom: Reborn” film. According to Zapolin, “The advisor was very moved by the film and felt strongly that these healing medicines could be exactly what society needs to combat the mental health and addiction crises that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated exponentially. I’ve also had interactions with members of the Libertarian party who agree strongly that people have the human right to heal themselves, and since using these compounds doesn’t affect anyone else, it is their guaranteed right under the Constitution.”

In order to educate society on the safest way to interact with psychedelic compounds once they are available, the Mind Army is creating a Microdosing Handbook so that people have a resource showing them how to safely and slowly ease into benefitting from the medicine. The Mind Army is also creating a task force to develop the educational material and community support system that society needs to best harness these compounds and minimize any negative experiences due to lack of information. “Psychedelic Societies in every major city in the country can provide a nationwide network of guidance and support,” said Zapolin.

Zapolin co-founded with Warren Gumpel The Ketamine Fund, a non-profit organization which has donated more than 400 free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD. Ketamine is a legal compound with powerful psychedelic properties. Veterans who were suicidal before the treatments have given glowing testimonials about the affect ketamine had in helping their PTSD and allowing them to live their best possible lives.

Zapolin and Gumpel are also launching KetaMD, a telemedicine company focused on delivering ketamine-assisted therapy to patients. The KetaMD network of doctors, guides, and therapists are able to cost-effectively treat patients around the country without the need for them to leave their home. “KetaMD recognizes that most suicidal and depressed people are not comfortable leaving their home to seek medical care, and also allows them to avoid social contact during the pandemic,” said Warren Gumpel, CEO of KetaMD.

About Mike “Zappy” Zapolin:

Zappy is a well-known psychedelic advocate whose film “The Reality Of Truth” has been seen by millions of viewers. It is projected that in the near future more than one million people will have journeyed inside their minds using master healing plants as a direct result of the watching the film. As an advocate, Zappy penned a January 2017 full page ad in the New York Times asking President Trump to make the opiate epidemic a first 100 days issue. The letter provided scientific studies related to using low-dose ketamine treatments for depression and ibogaine to break heroin and meth addictions.

Zappy is a regular guest of the media. Playboy magazine wrote a feature on him titled “Meet the Man Who Wants to Change the World with Psychedelics.” As an entrepreneur, Zappy is the founder of major internet brands including,,,,, and many more.

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